Pro photographer wanting to better service
their clients and make more money. 

With YY you can do both and still look yourself in the mirror.


YY7 is Strictly Business.

And Philosophy.

And Portfolio Critique. 

And Client Service. 

No shooting.  No lighting.  No fluff. 


Atlanta, Georgia


January 23-24, 2013

Two really-really-really full and intense days
of learning which will change your thinking,
seeing, business and life.

How much

$3500 for the gift that keeps on giving.

$5000 for 2 from the same studio.

Signup: email signmeup@yinyangworkshop.com


A not-so-subtle shift in thinking.

A philosophy.

Lots of work.


A plan.


Just some of the things you'll take away
from YY7  ~  Definitely not business as usual.


So last year I paid $5,000 for the workshop, knowing that we'll put it to good use.  What I didn't know was that our whole philosophy of doing things here was going to be completely changed and that we were going to be set free to do whatever we wanted.

Meaning, we were no longer slaves to a package system and there's no more leaving clients hanging with just whatever they got in their package.  I know that some clients will spend more even if they already have a 30 page album, but even with the best of sales, they just added 10 maybe 20 pages at most.  Now we're selling 80+ pages on our albums and our sales after weddings have shot up through the roof …

Now, it's not just about the numbers and how we sell to our clients.  The whole philosophy is based on giving your best to your clients.  When you are actually doing the best for your clients with these methods that they show you, then they actually really really appreciate what you are doing for them.

Before, it was like pulling teeth to get clients to see things our way and we didn't know why.  Now, we can present things completely differently and in a way that we can be proud of ourselves and not feel as though we're coming on as sales people …

There's no gimmick here, it's a lot of work, but the payoffs are huge.

Huge enough where we went from 42 weddings last year to having to only book 25 this year and have the goal of reaching the same revenue.  At least we hope so and are projecting that.  So our initial $5000 investment in this workshop has given us more freedom to pursue the lifestyle that we want and not be a slave to our 42 weddings.

You're at the level where this will work if you put a lot of effort into it.  If your clients are wowed by your images, then that's all that you need to know that it's possible for the yin yang system to work for you …

This workshop and the foundation workshop have been the best investments ever.  All the other workshops were just fluff and you hardly ever came away with anything that really produced a qualitative increase in the business.  Those workshops with model shoots are seriously a waste of money compared to these workshops.

If you're hungry to grow your business and serve your clients with the best possible products, then run to this workshop.  Our first viewing session, the couple committed to purchasing a $5500 album.  We couldn't believe it, we just paid for the workshop with our first viewing and we have like hundreds of future clients to go …

Hope you go to the workshop and are excited for all the possibilities.  And  you can email Dave and Quin directly and ask them questions.  They are super friendly and you don't have to feel like you're bothering them.



Immerse yourself. 
Push your limits.

Join Huy Nguyen and Dave & Quin Cheung in an unprecedented joint workshop collaboration for a journey into wedding photography.  Explore their two distinctive philosophies and combine them to produce
irresistible images and big money.

Open your mind.  Be ready for learning out the YinYang. 

The two-day curriculum includes...


Yin: Photographing Life - the Mindset.
Yang: What are we selling anyway?  Foundations for building your business.


Yin: Seeing the story, story, story.
Yang: Empathy, sympathy and embracing who you are.


Yin: evaluating imagery: editing ruthlessly.
Yang: omakase and the power of service.
YinYang: personal evaluation of your unedited weddings,
pricing structure and client service.


Yin: Balancing creative and financial needs.
Yang: The road to profitability, or, "sell" isn't a four-letter word
(well, actually it is, but ..)
YinYang: Talk is cheap.  Here's the proof: real case studies and analysis
including your
current clients. 


email signmeup@yinyangworkshop.com


Huy Nguyen   huy@fworkshop.com
Quin Cheung   q@dqstudios.com
Dave Cheung   d@dqstudios.com


Q: Why YY7?

A: We're glad you asked.  Read on to find out why YY is the best investment you can make for your business and art.


To demonstrate, involve, equip and encourage each and every participant to push their art and business on several levels including approach, shooting, relationship and editing. The ultimate goal: win-win-win in artistry, client satisfaction and profitability.

Q: How are you gonna accomplish all that?

A: Simple: By bringing the minds of the Yin (Huy) and the Yang (Dave & Quin) together to offer an unprecedented holistic approach to your growth.  Huy is arguably one of the best (and some would argue *the* best) wedding photojournalist in the world.  His approach and shooting style is in stark contrast to Dave & Quin's high-fashion, glamorized award-winning imagery (say that 5 times fast with peanut butter in your mouth).  Though they may sound worlds apart, both strive to deliver unmatched imagery and experience for their clients which translates not only to artistic satisfaction, but profits.

Having such diverse approaches shared and taught under one roof will rock your world.  Whether you lean toward one or the other in style or philosophy, be sure you *will* be stretched to grow in new ways. 

Q: What ISN'T going to be covered at YinYang Workshop?

A: Marketing.  We'll be doing Portfolio Critiques, but there will be no live shooting with lights or models.

Q: Who came up with the idea behind YinYang Workshop?

A: Through a series of fortunate events, Huy and Dave & Quin have been able to co-shoot several weddings together.  Both have long been members of the "Mutual Admirers" Society and they got talking and dreaming about how amazing it would be to lead a workshop together.  The outcome: YinYang Workshop baby!

Q: Do I have to be Asian to attend?

A: No.  But a love of Pho and knowing how to pronounce "Huy" wouldn't hurt.

Q: Why is this Workshop so expensive?

A: You'll be taking away more than inspiration or a new challenge to shoot better, faster, harder.  You'll be taking away the tools and knowledge to make more money.  Period.  Too rich for you?  Honestly, we had a crazy idea (ok: Dave had a crazy idea): only charge $1000 up front, and take 10% of the gross of the next 10 wedding sales with your new relational and shooting skills, products, pricing and presentation knowledge in action.  Call Dave crazy, but he believes he'll be richer than taking your money at the get go.  He plays a lousy game of poker (actually, he doesn't even know the rules), but has seen phenomenal business success, so I'd pony up the money up front if I were you.

Q: What are the pre-requisites of attending YinYang Workshop?

A: It's not a get-rich-quick scheme we're teaching, and you won't be getting a script to read during a sales pitch.  Being passionate about wedding photography would be a good start.  We also won't be discussing f-stops and shutter speed basics, so being comfy with your camera is a must.  An open mind and hunger to grow will be the best thing you can bring with you.  By the end of YY, you'll see how passionate artistry and uncommon client service can create the amazing by-product of profitability. 

Q: No offence, but why is this website so ghetto?

A: We're not coders, so hey: it's miraculous it works!

Q: How many people will be YinYanged?

A: To ensure each participant maximizes their investment, class size will be limited to 10 studios.  There will be lots of time for you to personally approach Huy, Dave and Quin and actual 1-on-1 time to discuss specifics on how to achieve your business goals.  From creating your best portfolio to restructuring your prices, exclusive membership has its privileges.

Q: Any special price for husband/wife and studio teams attending YinYang?

A: Because we're Asian, you gotta know we've got a "speshal plice" just for you!  Shooting couples receive a $2000 discount on their second registration. 

Q: I (a) attended FW10 in 2012 or (b) am attending FW11 next year or (c) attended DQ's Love+Light Workshop.  Is there a discount for me, pretty please?

A: Sure Workshop Friend :)  FW10 & FW11 students and Love+Light alumni can take $250 off YY enrollment! (can't be combined with husband/wife or studio discount).

Q: We've seen that cool Motibodo thingy.  Is that going to be demo'd at YinYang?

A: No, but we never leave home without them.  Just ask DQ to pull it out to  play show and tell.

Q: If I want to participate, what do you need from me?

A: Besides your money, the most important thing we'll need is your trust.  Before the workshop begins, we'll ask you to send us all your pricing and client contact stuff including packages, product listings and prices along with a breakdown of costs for each item.  We'll be doing our homework to tailor a plan to help you better service your clients for that triple-win mentioned above. All participants are also asked to attend the workshop naked.  Oh .. sorry: wrong workshop. 

Q: This sounds awesome!

A: We know.

Q: I'm in.  How do I sign up?

A: Email us at signmeup@yinyangworkshop.com to reserve your seat.

Q: I got more questions but can't remember them right now.

A: No worries: feel free to email or call any of us for more info.  The Yin and the Yang are here to help.

Some YY Alumni  have made back their YY investment in less than TWO WEEKS. 

Yes.  Really.  

"What’s up YY peeps!

So yesterday was our fist session using the yy way. I spent all week putting together the  presentation and I’ll be honest, I was nervous when the day came ...

Guess what???  ... [big sales details blah blah blah]

... My wife and I looked at each other and were like, "did this really just happen?"

Sorry for rambling, but I wanted to share my experience with everyone. So believe the hype, this “ish” really works!!! ;-)

Dave, Quin, Huy, I’m so grateful for everything you taught us. For the first time, I didn’t feel like a “used car salesmen”. Thank you so much!!! Big YY4 hug to all of you and can’t wait to hear everyone else’s experience."

"Hello Ningers!!!!

I want to share some great news with everyone.  It was my first viewing session with the couple after YY4  ... [big sales details blah blah blah] ... and this SH1T works!! "

"Seriously - I had my doubts  about YY but now after doing it full time for a few years, it definitely works :)   ... [big sales details blah blah blah]

... You weren't kidding when you said you'd make more money if you charged 10% commission and gave the workshop for free  :^)

You guys were right :)  And thank you for sharing this business stuff with the rest of us.  It really got me thinking about the entire process. 

Best wishes,"